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  • Stop paying the high price of  over priced psychic hotlines that hire readers with zero experience

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Put my expertise to work for you. I am proud to have received the following recognition, and testimonials  for my readings as a premier provider of tarot and psychic medium services.
"Very interesting insight in reference to my situation, I will return as I arrived to him in a foul mood and left uplifted!! Great energy. Recommend a reading to everyone."

"Very great and very intune with my situation. Sorry I ran out of time. I will be chatting with you again."

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"A lot of detailed information, accurate and in depth. Excellent reading!"
Reviews and News
"A lot of detailed information, accurate and in depth. Excellent reading!"
"He's just awesome... I love to just let him flow... When he gets in the right mind set... And just goes with what he feels... He's amazing! Also amazing with his cards and overall intuition! "
"Cool and quick, accurate reading!! Thanks, no sugar coating!"
"Thank You. Very honest."
"I just love this reader! He nailed it!"
"Great guy great personality connects well with others and myself. Very good will go back."
"Great reader! 5 stars!"
"excellent tarot reading!"
"He hit the nail on the hammer about many of my many problems. I'd recommend him for any of your questions that you wish to be answered!"
"He was good, he was fast and accurate. I really appreciate his time."
"Very clear and honest. Doesn't sugar coat. 5 stars!"
"He is very helpful and sweet. He has a great heart and really is a pleasure spending time with. He is insightful and will really steer you in the right direction and really cares about relaying good information. I am new here but I find him and his personality and gift very helpful. I will be back."
"Very Accurate and compassionate!"
"Wonderful and honest. What a great reader. Kind delivery of even the hard stuff. Thank you!"
"Best Psychic Ever!"
"He was very honest which I appreciated. I believe his reading to be accurate."
"Very accurate and detailed reading. He will tell you the truth, which is what everyone should want to hear. No sugar coating is what I need lol. He is also a kind, down to earth kind of guy. Which makes him easy to talk to. Thank you so much!"
"His reading was informative and peaceful! "
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"This man is the bomb... Love him... Your are a sweetheart and I so will be back... I think you are better than even you know// Explore your gifts... Big hugs."
Me on Beyond Worlds. At this date and time this was the number one tarot show in the world.
A clip of me in Erik C. Dunne's video "The Tale of Tarot Illuminati" (the cards on this site are from this deck, one of the, if not "the" most beautiful tarot decks to ever come into existence) along with several other top known professionals in the tarot world. (SEE MY CLIP IN THE FILM AT THE BEGINNING OF PART TWO , THE MIDDLE FILM. SEE MY FULL SUBMITTED CLIP BEFORE EDITING ON THE RIGHT BELOW.)

"A friend told me about Scott,  I honestly have to say that I thought tarot cards, psychics, and people who talk to the dead was a big joke, I wasn't sure if I believed in any of this stuff. This guy freaked me out, gave me serious chills, no way he could know any of the things he knew about me, and I am now an absolute believer in people who can talk to your dead relatives! Not sure if I will be back because I am bit freaked out, but I definitely am looking at life in a whole new way than I did before this. Amazing, freaky, but still amazing! Oh, and he is a nice guy, funny and down to Earth, not what I was expecting from this experience."
 See me here in "The Register of the United States and World Best & Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums and Healers in International Rank Order 2012 (Don't Call a Physic Before you read this book) " Recommended by the general public from 126 countries. *Known for my READINGS, not how popular I am (or not) in tarot, psychic groups, writing books, etc.